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What is a high voltage switchgear? Guiyang switchboard tell you!



贵州森时达电力电气有限公司High voltage switchgear is used for power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electrical energy conversion, on-off control or protection function, high voltage switch cabinet is made by the voltage level of electrical products in 3。6kV~550kV, and the grounding switch, load switch, high pressure automatic reclosing and sectionalizers high-voltage isolating switch, high voltage the operating mechanism, high pressure explosion-proof power distribution equipment and high voltage switch cabinet and other categories。


1 clear project location


贵州森时达电力电气有限公司High voltage switch cabinet is a combination product sets, although domestic hundreds of manufacturers, but its core components are still imported products, if you encounter technical problems, equipment maintenance and replacement are more trouble, therefore, in the budget situation, should try to choose well-known brands, because of its well stocked, meet the problem solving efficiency is relatively high.


2. test qualification


Before the purchase, we must ask the manufacturer to get the outline and request of the Switchgear Factory test. The regular manufacturers will have some. We should make sure whether the main components are allocated according to the drawing requirements and choose the designated brands, such as SIEMENS, Schneider and so on.


3。 cabinet material


贵州森时达电力电气有限公司High voltage switch cabinet volume is larger, therefore, the material has great influence on the price, in general, support components are imported tibnor, but the door is the 300 series of high-quality steel plate.


4. set of cabinets


The order and operation position is factory problem considering the production of cabinet clapboard, terminal plate, busbar support correct construction basis, layout and site line and the actual position of anastomosis, especially to correct out gymnastics as plane direction, in order to make the high voltage cabinet arrived at the scene smoothly after installation. Often at first, no attention should be paid. After the equipment arrives at the scene, it is found that it does not conform to the requirements of the site and eventually leads to rework.


贵州森时达电力电气有限公司5. mode of import and export


There are basically two ways of connection on the switch cabinet: (1) the connection of incoming and outgoing cables and cabinets。 (2) the inlet and outlet lines are drawn from the top wall bushing of the cabinet, and are connected with the busbar bridge, and the busbar bridge is connected with the overhead line through the wall bushing。  There are also a few users。 The cable rack is introduced from the top of the cabinet, the cabinet is connected in the cabinet, the top of the cabinet is connected, and the safety net frame is set up。 A system diagram and a standard solution are provided when ordering, but the way of import and export can not be fully expressed。 Users should be able to explain the actual installation requirements at the scene, and it is difficult to install on site。


贵州森时达电力电气有限公司6。 correct selection of interrupting capacity of circuit breaker


Guiyang switchgear thinks that the circuit breaker on the first system diagram indicates that the breaker type, rated working voltage and rated working current must also select the breaking capacity of circuit breaker. There are user drawings and breakers' capacity is not selected, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to carry out engineering design. The selection of breaking capacity should be selected according to the system's short-circuit parameters. If manufacturers don't know the system's short-circuit parameters, it is difficult to make the right choice. There are also some user drawings, which do not consider the system short circuit parameters, blindly select high open and broken parameters, resulting in unnecessary waste of funds. It is important to choose the opening capacity correctly, not only to ensure the safe operation, but also to reduce the cost of the product. The small Guiyang switch cabinet is here today.





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